The only white woman on the bus?

Brendan O’Neill interviews the British Nazi Party trying to win hearts and minds in Stanmore (with all the Jews!) and runs into a chick from Croydon bleating about how out of place she is in her own country:

Housewives in jeans and short-sleeved tops talk animatedly about the beautiful weather. Charlotte Lewis, a 35-year-old unemployed woman from Croydon, is wearing a loud gold lamé jacket and black jeans. She speaks with a south London twang: “Sometimes I get on a bus and I’m the only white person on there,” she complains. “It’s a bit distressing.”

As someone who used to live in Croydon, and who travels there regularly for work and sometimes even for social purposes, I can assure everyone that as a white traveller in Croydon you are quite unlikely to be the only white person on the bus (or tram). Most of Croydon’s population is white (perhaps most of them drive or walk?) and there are only two main bus routes out of Croydon (the London and Whitehorse Roads, which go up to Thornton Heath) where you are likely to run across lots of non-white people, let alone a majority. Even there, most people are white. If you are the only white person on the bus in most parts of Croydon, the bus is likely to be nearly empty.

So it’s another case of the BNP using outright lying as a campaign tactic. It’s not surprising that Charlotte Lewis is involved, because she isn’t just an ordinary south London housewife but rather she stood as a candidate for the St Helier seat on Sutton council in 2006. Lewis was exposed for claiming to live in Sutton when she actually lived in Thornton Heath, which is in Croydon borough, which meant she was not actually eligible to stand for the council as she had neither lived nor worked in the borough for the necessary twelve months. She was not the only one to do this - the council in neighbouring Merton borough reported two incidents of BNP candidates falsely claiming to live in the borough, and two more did the same in Barking and Dagenham, an east London borough. (Hat tip: lefthandpalm.)

Was there not enough time for Brendan O’Neill to investigate who this “ditzy woman with a chip on her shoulder” was, or not enough space in the magazine?

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