Sister wins £4,000 for hijab-related job refusal

MPACUK - Bushra Wins!

The BBC have reported that a sister named Bushra Noah, who was refused a job as a hair stylist because the potential employer regarded her headscarf as being incompatible with the funky image of her salon and thought a hair stylist should have her own hair on display, has won £4,000 compensation. The compensation was for hurt feelings produced by a 15-minute interview; as for the claim of job discrimination itself, it was dismissed on the grounds that the court was satisfied that sr. Bushra was treated no worse than someone who would always have covered their hair for any other reason, i.e. she was not discriminated against just for being Muslim, rather for covering her hair.

The salon owner said she could not understand why someone who was against the display of hair would be in the hair industry, which strikes me as odd, because Muslims are not against the display of hair per se - just its public display. Muslim women are allowed to display their hair when around their family or other women, and no doubt display it to great effect at parties and the like, but they cover it in public. Does the salon just require hair on display, or does it have to be cut and styled as well, since that’s what the salon does? Perhaps a woman with too much hair would not have got a job there either.

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