Examining Hassan Butt

From Comment is Free, Inayat Bunglawala examines the case of Hassan Butt, the self-proclaimed ex-jihadist who tells Islam-bashers what they want to hear. He notes that, on his return from Pakistan, Butt attempted to sell his story to the Daily Mirror for £100,000 and that journalists had confided to him that they thought Butt an “absolute stitch up merchant”. Mostly in response to the complaints from the media about the police requiring Shiv Malik to turn his material over to them, as they contained what appeared to be the confessions of a terrorist. (Quite possibly, Butt had exaggerated his role, although we might like to know what he was doing in Pakistan if not recruiting or fighting for al-Qa’ida; but I suspect that his turn of coat may have been less a repentance as a realisation that life was not going to be so easy anymore for a loud-mouthed nut.)

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