Congo goats let out of jail

When I first saw this story, I thought they meant goats kept by prisoners as a possible food source, but no, they really were there awaiting trial:

The beasts were due to appear in court, charged with being sold illegally by the roadside.

The minister said many police had serious gaps in their knowledge and they would be sent for retraining.

Mr Nyamugabo was conducting a routine visit to the prison when, he said, he was astonished to discover not only humans, but a herd of goats crammed into a prison cell in the capital.

The goats’ owners were also charged, so the world hasn’t gone completely mad.

There was no word on what their punishment would have been, had they been found guilty.

I think the death penalty is in order here. Let them be lunch! (Or dinner, since it’s Ramadan.)

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  • Thersites

    See E.P. Evans: The Criminal Prosecution and Capital Punishment of Animals for earlier examples taken further. In this case, though, I wonder if some of the goats were shot while trying to escape and eaten.

  • Salaamz brother and Ramadan Mubarak!

    When did you put up this lovely graphic. Niiiiiice! I like the new look.

  • “Let them be lunch!”

    A Freudian slip? Considering it’s Ramadan.