Ramadan diet poses health risk

From the South African Independent:

Poor dietary and lifestyle habits during Ramadan pose grave health risks to fasting Muslims, local doctors and dieticians have warned.

Night-time binge eating and consuming too much sugar and cholesterol-rich food may have a severe effect on the health of many Muslims observing the fast, health experts have warned.

“High incidences of diabetes and hypertension in the Muslim community are aggravated by bad diets during Ramadan,” Dr Faisal Suleman said.

“Lots of people break their fast with oily savouries that cause high cholesterol. There is also a lack of exercise during the month.”

I can’t really imagine how people can eat such stuff after a long day’s fasting; I need the energy boost, and although I sometimes eat curry, I make sure it’s got plenty of vegetables in it. Otherwise it’s pizza (of my own making) or pasta with tomato and vegetable sauce with fish. I’ve also cut out all the diuretic stimulants (tea, coffee, hot chocolate), excepting the days when I’m travelling and therefore not fasting (but still have to get up early, so I drink coffee). A few difficult days at the beginning excepted, I think this has been a very healthy Ramadan for me ma sha Allah.

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