Eid Mubarak, and call to action

Just to wish all the Muslims reading this a fine and blessed Eid.

On the subject of the Saudi moon fitna, is it not about time those of us in the west made our feelings known to the Saudi authorities through their embassy? Since many of us here in London do it right (i.e. waiting for a credible moon sighting, rather than unconfirmed ones on the Islam Channel), particularly among the Deobandis in south London, there are enough of us to hold a demonstration which, depending on its location, could take in the embassy itself and at least one of the institutions which blindly follow its word on this issue.

I am sure nobody has any objection to Eid being celebrated on different days due to genuine differences of opinion; the problem is the celebration of Eid a day (or two) early due to what can only be baseless moon-sighting reports, often in the face of negative sightings from nearby and westerly countries (Jordan, Nigeria, Guyana, even northern Chile, where it almost never rains). The Muslims must mobilise against this senseless interference with our ibaada.

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