Haider was speeding, and other news from the criminal far right

BBC NEWS | World | Europe | Haider ‘was double speed limit’

Jörg Haider, the former leader of the so-called Freedom Party in Austria who died in a car crash on Saturday morning, was doing more than double the speed limit (88mph; the speed limit was just over 40) and the prosecutor would not say whether the Nazi, who had been speeding home from a nightclub, had tested positive for alcohol. The deputy leader of his splinter group, the “Alliance for Austria’s Future”, has called the accident the “end of the world”, as it would be if your party is its leader. Frankly, the death shows that the far right attracts criminals; if he had survived and tested positive for alcohol, he might well have spent the next few years in the slammer. Good riddance.

Also on the subject of racist delinquents who got their come-uppance, not quite as dramatic as a smashed-in head but still, two men who got three-year jail terms for bullying an Asian colleague lost their appeal last Friday and were sent back to rot in jail. The three (Sean Melaney, Lee Paul McDermott and Phillip Skett) had force-fed their colleague bacon, abandoned him in Lozells, Birmingham, during the riots when blacks and Asians were attacking each other, tied him to railings with duct tape and then soaked him in dirty water, and exposed him to passers-by on the M6 by pulling his trousers down, as part of a ten-month bullying campaign. (Hat tip: Islamophobia Watch.) I wonder if the BNP will make martyrs of them?

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