Amina Wadud joins Hargey publicity stunt

Three years after the “Historic Jumah” in which a small number of people in New York did an invalid “Friday prayer” at a church in New York, Amina Wadud turns up in Oxford to lead what seems like an even smaller group at a Masonic Hall. A writer at Ummah Pulse did some investigation into the accuracy of some BBC reports (that it was in a mosque), and this is what he came up with.

As for the proof of the invalidity of the prayer of anyone who “prayed” behind Wadud, here is a collection of opinions by some modern scholars of Islam who are not ranting extremists (PDF, I’m afraid); I also wrote a few articles tackling not only the “prayer” itself but the media response to it and some of Wadud’s other antics ([1], [2], [3]). I wonder if she is aware (or if she cares) about Hargey’s well-documented deviations, such as believing that the hadeeth contain so many forgeries and fabrications that they should not be used to derive legal rulings, but rather that Muslims should use the Qur’an alone? Can’t she get any more publicity back home? Both of them know that they will only fool non-Muslims with this, that Muslims will reject them and will incur the hostility of liberals; I suspect that this is Hargey’s aim.

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