ENGAGE goes live; invitation for contributors

For anyone - particularly here in the UK - who’s depressed about losing three great blogs in as many weeks, ENGAGE, a new Muslim organisation dedicated to media monitoring and encouraging political participation, has got their website up and running. (To anyone who might be wondering why they chose the same name as this site, I pointed that out when I was contacted by them, and was told they were aware of the name clash and could live with it.) So perhaps it’s MPACUK without the constant condemnations of ‘inactive’ religious Muslims, which is something the community badly needs.

Also, if anyone wants to get Blogistan going again, please let me know. This was a Muslim group blog that was meant to show an authentic face of Muslims in Britain, but it foundered due to lack of interest. This time, it is not limited to people in Britain; if you are interested, give me a shout (i.e. leave a comment below; if you don’t want to be published, clearly mark your comment “NOT FOR PUBLICATION”at the beginning).

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