Western Muslims should not condemn Bombay attacks

American-Muslims Should Not Condemn the Mumbai Attacks « Umar Lee

A list of reasons why American Muslims should not fall over themselves to condemn the terrorist attacks in Bombay (I refuse to use the name Mumbai; although it is correct in two of the three local languages, this blog is in English, not Marathi or Gujarati, and I refuse to honour a Hindu nationalist renaming), and I think much the same applies to other western Muslims:

  • As Muslims in America we are not exactly relevant to the situation. Not only are we geographically and culturally distant we are also not a part of any conflict raging in India and we are not in a position to influence any party. Does anyone believe Indian mujahedeen, the Congress Party or the BJP is waiting to see what American-Muslims think before they make their next move? This makes our condemnation little more than rhetorical nonsense that is made only to please the ears of the media and Muslim-haters.
  • As of now, there are very few facts available as to what happened. Any condemnation made today is one that is made with minimal information.
  • Condemning these acts plays into the trap set by those hostile to Islam in that it reinforces the notion that all Muslims become guilty if a few do something bad and therefore the entire community has to apologize for the actions of the few.

Remember that Muslim leaders have condemned every major terrorists attack for years, and still Muslims face accusations that we do not condemn it enough, or loud enough, otherwise they would have stopped. The reality is that we do not have the power to stop terrorists attacking and that we are innocent of what they do, and so we should treat the demands of haters with the contempt they, and their demands, deserve.

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