My letter’s in the Technology Guardian

The technology supplement to the Guardian published a letter from me today, concerning the “no clue” nature of Apple’s attitude to low-cost computer kit. You can read what they published here, but here’s what I actually wrote (note that they clipped out the bit about the difference between getting an extra gigabyte from Apple and getting it elsewhere, which is significant, because the difference is more than twice the actual cost of the RAM):

With regard to the lack of an update to the Mac Mini, the price and specification of this machine demonstrates how out of touch Apple are with the current state of the world economy. Prices start from £391 for a machine with a “combo drive” (meaning it can read but not burn DVDs), 80Gb of disk space and only 1Gb of RAM; updating to 2Gb nearly £50. In the real world, 2Gb of that type of RAM costs under £20 from Crucial, including delivery, and you can get a Dell with twice the memory, 500Gb of disk space, a DVD writer, a dedicated graphics card and a faster processor, which can be opened with a screwdriver rather than with decorators’ tools and upgraded easily, for £329. Apple are clearly not interested in selling computers to people on a budget, and since there will be far more of those around in the months to come, one hopes Steve Jobs will get out of the way or get a clue if the platform is to survive.

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