Don’t be a drudge – go for a trudge

Kids around snowmanSnow in Kingston, February 2009 - a set on Flickr

So, we’ve had the biggest snow fall in southern England since 1991 (which I remember fairly well; I was away at school), and the whole city has ground to a halt with all of the buses cancelled. Really, this is pathetic - if this happened in Canada, it would be business as usual. Much less snow than this two years ago caused chaos as well. Why don’t we take their advice on how to deal with it?

Anyway, perhaps one day of it gave people an excuse to take the day off work, and lots of people were playing out in it, building snowmen and throwing snowballs at each other. I went out to Kingston for the afternoon (the first time the snow has actually lasted long enough to still be there when I’m ready to go out), trudging through it (well, not where I didn’t have to, but for most of the route I did) for some two miles there and back. Fun. I ended up spending about an hour in Kingston as I had to get back before the sun went down, but I managed to get my coffee, read the paper and take a few pictures of people snowfighting before starting my walk back just after 4pm. In most of the town centre, there wasn’t much snow, but a lot of ice, and most of the shops (including the entire Bentall centre - in fact pretty much everything except the cafés and Sainsbury’s) were shut.

I discovered when I downloaded my pictures that the camera had darkened all of my JPEG images - luckily, my camera shoots raw as well, so I used Bibble to construct decent JPEGs out of the raw files and have uploaded a few to Flickr, which you can see above, insha Allah.

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