Organise against the WCPI “One Law” campagin

There is a rally to be held in London this coming Saturday, organised by the so-called One Law for All campaign, against “Shari’ah courts” (i.e. voluntary Shari’ah councils which arbitrate in some family and property disputes in the UK). The leading lights in this campaign seem to be members of the Worker-Communist Party of Iran, among them Maryam Namazie. You can read the itinerary on this Harry’s Place post, which also includes a clip from an interview with Namazie on “Secular TV”, run by Fariborz Pooya, another of that clique. Namazie is commonly presented in the media as a secular liberal feminist, including on one occasion by Nick Cohen, who should surely have known her real position.

The meeting is to start in Trafalgar Square at 3:30pm GMT this coming Saturday (7th March). They are to proceed to Red Lion Square, the location of Conway Hall, starting from 4:30pm. There is to be a public meeting in the hall from 6pm, with live music (whether in the hall or the square I’m not sure) from 5:30pm.

We should make some effort to counter the demonstration, in particular. This is an anti-Islam demonstration, organised by Communists who pretend to be secular liberals, using “secularism” and “equality” as a cover for their militant atheism and hatred for religion, and particularly Islam, generally. As part of their Iranian manifesto, their party advocates the writing of Persian in Latin rather than Arabic script, and a ban on “children” (this includes younger teenagers) from learning or participating in religion.

While obviously we should behave ourselves and not disrupt the Conway Hall meeting (Conway Hall is pretty small anyway), if their demonstration in support of the Danish cartoons is anything to go by, Muslims will easily be able to make their presence in Trafalgar Square felt, and let everyone know that Muslims can speak up for themselves and don’t need this bunch of Muslim-hating Communists with their deluded or dishonest “liberal” dupes telling us what’s good for us.

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