Muhajiroun disrupt Luton army parade

A small group of young men from al-Muhajiroun (or Muhajigoons, the Voice, the Ears and Eyes of the Morons) yesterday caused a commotion at a parade in Luton by soldiers returning from Iraq. The banners read “Butchers of Basra” and “Anglian soldiers, go to Hell” (the soldiers were from the Royal Anglian Regiment”. The BBC described the protest as an “anti-war protest”, but it was plain from the men’s appearance and the nature of their banners (they are always shouting “go to hell”) which group they are from. For the record, these boys do not take part in real anti-war demonstrations. They called RESPECT “kafir hypocrites”, accused Stop Political Terror of being “very close to becoming” hypocrites, and have been known to turn up at real Muslim demonstrations and shout their own slogans rather than actually participating in the demo.

As one might expect, there were not that many Muslims shown in the BBC’s footage turning out to welcome the soldiers back. It’s your right not to care for them, of course, but you could do it the same way all the other Muslims in Luton did, which is simply not to turn up at the parade. After the shootings of soldiers in Northern Ireland last week (by the “Real IRA”, a splinter group from the Provisional IRA which rejects the peace process and which carried out the Omagh bombing in 1998), a demonstration like this was particularly inappropriate.

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