No sad goodbye

BBC News: Sad goodbye to ‘cosmopolitan’ Cairo

The BBC laments how the old nightclubs and belly-dancing joints of Cairo have either closed down or are shadows of their old selves. The problem is that Cairo then was part of a quasi-colony - nominally a sovereign state but under British domination, including military occupation - and besides the dancing was the prostitution and the diseases that resulted from it. It’s really understandable that people don’t want their country used as a seedy playground for foreign soldiers. Places which have been “cleaned up” can be more boring than they were before, but usually the neighbours’ lives get a bit easier and quieter, and the women and children can go out after 4pm. Cairo is actually still a very interesting city (although, as I’ve said before, I don’t recommend day trips), and you can spend days exploring the old city and admiring (some of) the architecture, and then head for the Red Sea coast if you want some shame-free booze.

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