“Civil war” in US anti-Muslim blogosphere

The Washington Independent » Civil War Raging in Right-Wing Blogosphere

Or how the alliance between Little Green Footballs and its numerous offspring of mostly Christian (and sometimes Jewish), right-wing, anti-Muslim blogs have fallen out since the Bush administration ended. I haven’t read many of them very often recently because they are very difficult to debate with as they are so closed-minded (much the same can be said of the commenters at Harry’s Place, although the actual regular posters are more reasonable), but there is some schadenfreude in watching these bigots fall out with each other, with Charles Johnson of LGF accusing the Christian sites’ owners of rubbing shoulders with European fascists, while the latter accuse Johnson, who designed at least one of their websites, of having gone mad in the last year, of being a control freak and banning anyone who disagrees with him.

However, the strain in relations between LGF and some of the conservative offshoots have been showing since before Obama - I first noticed a split after the Schiavo affair, in which Discarded Lies (originally LGF Watch Watch) joined a whole list of “blogs for Terri” which supported keeping her on life support, while Johnson favoured the “scientific” view that she was brain dead and that turning the support off was justified. Discarded Lies then had a design produced by LGF (a vastly superior design to their present one, it has to be said). Johnson’s background tells you much of what you need to know about the split - he was basically a Californian liberal who spent the 1980s as a session player in LA and writing software for the Atari ST, who radically changed some aspects of his politics as a result of 9/11. It is likely that he regarded the “war on terror” as a liberal project.

The groups in Europe that Johnson characterises as fascists are basically bigoted, reactionary minority parties, some of them with a regionalist agenda (e.g. Vlaams Belang). They generally regard Christianity as central to European identity. Whether they are fascist is a matter of opinion, given that the nature of fascism varied from country to country when it was in power, but most have their roots in fascism (as with the BNP) and some have very close connections to fascism (as with VB), the exception being the Dutch Islamophobes around Geert Wilders, who are liberal fundamentalists. The only thing the European bigots ever had in common with Johnson is hostility to Islam, and even that was from a completely different perspective. Much as with the alliance between the London wing of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Socialist Workers’ Party here in the UK, the alliance was bound to break down as soon as its moment had passed, although the Stop the War Coalition persists even while RESPECT has broken down.

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