British tabloid hypocrisy shocker

The Sun today featured the story of a former British soldier whose image was featured in a British Nazi Party election leaflet, in uniform next to the words, “we’re fed up with being sent ill-equipped into foreign wars. The BNP will bring our troops home and ensure that British troops will not be abused on the streets of our cities by Muslims”. The ex-soldier left the Army in 1997, long before any of the present wars started, and told the Scum that the BNP “are scumbags and [he’d] never vote for them in a million years”.

Well, the quote is most likely made-up - in fact, it’s probably not even a quote, just words intended to be put into the mouth of “every-soldier” - but the BNP did not make up this tactic. In November 2005, the Scum had a picture of John Tulloch, a professor of media studies at Brunel and Cardiff universities, bloodied in hospital after suffering injuries in the July 2005 London bombings, with the slogan, “Terror laws: Tell Tony he’s right”. In fact, Tulloch was against the new laws the paper was referring to.

It also turns out that one BNP leaflet, purporting to show “ordinary British people” telling us why they will vote BNP, actually used stock pictures, and at least two of the people were not British at all, but Italian. What a shambolic, sorry excuse for a party they are.

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