Thugs go on rampage in Luton

The story is starting to come out regarding the display of thuggery and bigotry in Luton last Sunday, in which a group of about 200 broke away from a bigger march and headed for the town centre, clearly intending to reach the Bury Park area to attack local Asians. As is common with these kinds of bonehead thugs, they attacked the police and behaved like uncivilised rabble (unlike the Muhajiroun they so despise).

Badge which reads: Does my English flag offend you? Good! You are now in England; learn to respect OUR customs; OUR institutions; OUR flag.  NOW F**K OFF

Here are some links to news reports and eyewitness accounts:

There was also a march in Luton in April, in which racist thugs were seen fighting with police; you can see the video over the fold, insha Allah.

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