WordPress 2.8 worth the upgrade

Yesterday I upgraded my install of WordPress to version 2.8, and although I was apprehensive about upgrading (being an adherent of the school which prefers patched, i.e. bug-fixed, versions to fresh ones), it turned out to be a huge improvement on the old one. WordPress v2.7.1 seemed to have enormous problems with plugins, with a number of those I activated having simply no effect, such as the anti-nofollow and “possibly related posts” plugins. They actually work in version 2.8. The Flickr plugin did not, however.

I have had two minor problems. The first was that the customisations I had made to my theme stopped working and the image I was using stopped appearing. However, I soon found that the new version has a new way of accessing theme variables, and I made a small change and everything worked again. The second is that the auto-upgrade system has stopped working, but that only means I that if I have plugins which need upgrading, I have to do it “the hard way” by downloading them to my hard drive and uploading them to my website; previously, WordPress itself would download it and extract it. A minor annoyance and one I expect will be fixed fairly soon.

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