Yahya Birt: How not to deal with the Muhajiroun

Yahya Birt has posted an article on the incident earlier this week at Conway Hall, London, in which the “Centre for Social Cohesion” (run by Douglas Murray; a Civitas offshoot run out of the same building as the Tory think-tank, Policy Exchange) were to debate the al-Muhajiroun front group, the “Global Issues Society”:

How not to deal with al-Muhajiroun

As he points out, some basic research on the GIS would have resulted in it becoming obvious that they were an al-Muhajiroun front, because among other things, all their previous events had involved al-Muhajiroun representatives. I would agree that a ban would give Anjum Choudary’s gang more credibility than they really deserve, but more importantly, it would not stop their activities, as their antics since 2005 have demonstrated, and Choudary’s relentless media appearances. As for the CSC, more important to them than highlighting the case for a new ban on al-Muhajiroun is to give the hostile elements in the Muslim community a higher profile so as to make Islam itself look more hostile.

Yahya invites suggestions as to how to deal with this problem.

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