Divan 2.0 (featuring moi) is up

Divan 2.0 | Multimedia | The Radical Middle Way

This is the video of the Divan 2.0 meeting of Muslim bloggers at the London School of Economics, organised by Radical Middle Way, on 7th May. I was on the panel along with Omar Tufail of DeenPort, Mehzabeen from iMuslim and MuslimMatters, Musab Bora and one of the guys from AltMuslim, and the chair was Fareena Alam. I was told that they were hoping to launch the video on Friday, but here it is three days early (alhamdu lillah).

You can also download this MP4 file and watch it on any desktop video player - if you’re using Linux, you’ll need the restricted codecs to play it.

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