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Is WordPress A Thankless Community? | Weblog Tools Collection

Are you using third-party WordPress plugins and themes without having sent the author a thank-you note or donated money? I have to say that, in my financial situation, I am not in a good position to donate money, but the authors have noticed that people don’t thank them; they just ask for more, and seem to think themselves entitled to it:

Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend. Many of the plugin authors I have spoken with throughout the community tell me that very rarely do they ever get a donation let alone a Thank You for releasing their work to the public. Based on the plugin authors feedback, end users demand more features, demand better support, and in the end, have this feeling of entitlement even if the plugin is available without a price tag. The reality is, that for a freely available plugin, you’re not entitled to anything. I don’t know about you, but I certainly would not like to be part of a community that is known as thankless.

Perhaps I might send a thank you note to some of the authors of the plugins I use, but perhaps not this weekend, as I’m sure they wouldn’t want a flood of them from bloggers on a guilt trip from having read Jeff Chandler’s article! However, I will give a bit of publicity to the plugins I use, without which this blog might be a poorer, more “off-the-peg” looking site and without which my transition from Movable Type might have been much less smooth:

  • Automatic Timezone by Otto: this lets you use a real time-zone for your posts, rather than a UTC-based time setting which is not sensitive to your local daylight saving (in the UK, it’s different to how it is in America)
  • Broken Link Checker by Janis Elsts
  • DoFollow by Denis de Bernardy: gets rid of the “nofollow” tag on links, so that legitimate sites are not denied search engine ratings
  • Possibly Related Recent Posts by Matt Martz
  • Sanitize permalink with undescores by Daniele Simonin - This allowed me to keep continuity with my old site by keeping most of my permalinks
  • Search Everything by Dan Cameron - Allows you to search comments, not just post content
  • Text Control by Jeff Minard - Most of my posts, including this one, are formatted with Markdown, as was the case when I used MT. This lets you use Markdown or any other simplified formatting code
  • Twitter Tools by Alex King - This is what’s behind the “IJ Tweets” panel on the left.

I also use the Atahualpa theme, which is highly configurable (my look is largely unrecognisable from how it looks out of the box), although I’ve had to make a few hacks to it myself.

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