CSC report ignores Nazis’ shift to attacking Muslims

Sunny Hundal at Pickled Politics on the glaring omission from the latest report by the “Centre for Social Cohesion”, The BNP and the Online Fascist Network (PDF), written by Edmund Standing, long-standing contributor to Harry’s Place:

What’s glaringly omitted from the report is an analysis of how the BNP has in recent years shifted its strategy from outright racism and anti-semitism to attacking Muslims and Islam generally. The report briefly mentions Muslims in the intro and lists some comments that include the word Muslim, but its conclusion doesn’t even mention anti-Muslim bigotry. It avoids the topic despite the fact Nick Griffin went on the record to say it was politically better for the BNP to focus on Muslims rather than Jews or racism.

Now, why would a report by the CSC avoid talking about the one subject that the BNP constantly campaigns on now? Why ignore it when it is repeatedly mentioned in its literature and by its supporters online (much more than other enemies)?

Is that because much of the anti-Muslim bigotry directed by BNP members sounds suspiciously like what the Dutch politician Geert Wilders would say ‘to save the west’? Oh look – the BNP website has written approvingly about Geert Wilders repeatedly! Douglas Murray, the director of the Centre for Social Cohesion, is a huge fan and defender of Geert Wilders. I think we should be told.

Don’t forget to plough through the bigoted one-liners in the comments for some well-thought-out contributions from Yahya Birt. HT: Islamophobia Watch.

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