TMI about Aleppo rape victim?

I’m sure many of you have heard the story of the young girl who suffered terrible injuries in a gang rape in Aleppo last month; you can read the story in English here. There has been a Facebook group set up to show solidarity (it’s mostly in Arabic) and a few websites have reported it, but apparently the mainstream Arabic media haven’t considered it worthy of reporting. Quite apart from the fact that such a thing happened, another awful aspect of this story is that four hospitals refused to treat her; a fifth gave her basic first aid, and sent her on to a sixth hospital (a children’s hospital).

I was surprised to find that not only was the girl named, but that both the Facebook group and most of the various reports had pictures of her, some of which show a pack of nappies branded “New Baby” on her bed. They also include graphic details of her internal injuries. Surely they could have left out the pictures showing the nappies and used a phrase like “severe internal injuries” and left it at that, since most people can imagine the sort of injuries rape could cause, particularly on a young girl, and I accept that they may need to raise money for her treatment, but it all seems a bit intrusive and undignified. After all, this girl will be a woman before very long, and surely nobody wants such intimate details about them to be in the public domain.

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