Why illegal dumping is no joke

BBC News: Families win birth defect battle

This is about a group of families who sued the local council in Corby, an old steel town in the east Midlands, for birth defects caused by the toxic chemicals which were spread around the place while the steelworks were being dismantled in the 1980s. They have an interview with a 20-year-old woman with deformed fingers who is in constant pain and endured bullying throughout her school life because of it.

While it’s not directly related, we have a huge problem in parts of the UK with fly-tipping, and while it usually takes the form of people blocking minor roads and tracks by turning them into impromptu rubbish tips, there are also big illegal tipping operations which use big trucks to take waste to illegal dumps. We also never know what’s in the waste and it might not just be old ovens. Recently we have heard stories in which councils have been accused of spying on people to combat ‘trivial’ problems like littering, dog fouling and fly-tipping. Well, dropping the odd cigarette packet or apple core is not the same thing as fly-tipping, which is at best a major nuisance and at worst a serious health risk. If it’s not tackled, it could cause major problems for the environment and people’s health. It’s not trivial.

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