Digital Niqabi on fitna and niqab

The sister known as Digital Nomad has posted two interesting entries recently, the most recent on this nonsense of condemning mobile phones as a cause of fitna and fornication. This is not just within the Muslim community — Haredi Jews in some places have “kosher” mobile phones which won’t ring certain numbers and can’t sent text messages. I do accept that people can sometimes use mobiles for these purposes, but most of the time they use them for perfectly proper purposes, although they can be a major cause of trouble and conflict among children. But then, any technology can be used for bad things, but the same can be said for our eyes, tongues and hands.

Mobile phones save lives — I remember an incident in London where a young girl was rescued from quicksand on the banks of the Thames because she could call for help; I also recently saw a video by a woman who suffered an attack of paralysis and was able to call for help because her mobile phone was nearby (you can check out that woman’s blog here). All this technophobia among Muslims is depressing; people only see the bad side and they instinctively say “haraam” without really thinking.

She also has an excellent (ma sha Allah) and very comprehensive response to Organica’s post on niqab from about a week ago. She answers all the points, particularly the one about niqab being “bad for da’wah”. While I would never pressure a woman to wear niqab, the fact is that it’s a very strong Sunnah given that it was the normal dress of the female Companions, particularly the very close ones, and while I accept that there are situations where it might be wiser not to wear it, there is no getting away from the fact that niqab is part of Islam and the fact that some non-Muslims don’t like it is really neither here nor there, given that there are a lot of other things they don’t like but are generally accepted.

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