British immigration separate mother and daughter for 7 years

Asylum seekers speak: ‘Nothing can give us back the last seven years’ — from today’s Guardian

This is the story of how a woman who had fled persecution, including rape, in Uganda after being involved in the opposition to the Museveni régime was separated from her daughter for seven years. Her application to bring her daughter over have failed as she supposedly cannot prove that her daughter is her daughter (DNA tests have since done that) and has not supported her (because she could not work because she was an asylum seeker). The woman’s mother has died, so the daughter is now stranded in a boarding school.

Why do the British immigration service behave with such cruelty? Is it because the British government wants to pretend that the Museveni government are good guys? Or is it because the service is stuffed with racists? Refugee organisations tell us that people deported to Uganda face being imprisoned in “safehouses” run by their security forces, tortured and raped. The immigration system uses extraordinary excuses to refuse asylum, among them that a woman had been so resilient through several months of being a sex slave with the so-called Lord’s Resistance Army that she could “certainly cope with return”.

What an utter disgrace.

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