I’m a photographer, not a terrorist (or a ‘nonce’)

BBC Viewfinder: I’m a photographer…

This is all about the problems some photographers have been having taking pictures in ‘sensitive’ locations, particularly in London; these places have also included shopping centres, many of them privately owned even though they appear public. The magazine Amateur Photographer have printed many letters from photographers complaining about having been stopped by the police and even required to delete their pictures.

I’ve never had this particular experience, but when I first got my digital SLR in 2007, I was taking pictures of trees in a nearby playing field in New Malden, and two guys passed behind me and one of them said to the other that I was ‘noncing’. A ‘nonce’ is a paedophile. There were boys in the playing field, but why is it that we (men in particular) can’t take pictures when there are children around without being accused of something as dreadful as this?

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