Cameron rebukes idiot MEP

BBC NEWS | Politics | NHS attack MEP rebuked by Cameron

David Cameron is the leader of the Conservative Party in the UK, and much as I despise that institution and much as I suspect that a conservative government would gradually run the NHS down with internal markets, contracts and cuts here and there (to say nothing of carers who are outside the remit of the NHS itself; conditions for them are already often as bad as in the USA), he obviously realises that he can’t say really stupid things as a parliamentarian because parliament is where votes really matter.

Daniel Hannan, the moron who gave an interview with Fox News a couple of days ago and said that the NHS was a product of a time when the country was at war and under full mobilisation and told Americans that the NHS was incompatible with their values, is a member of the European Parliament, an institution which is even further out of touch with the public in the UK at least than the US federal government is with its own citizens. The turnout speaks for itself: less than 38% of the electorate in his constituency (less than 35% in the UK as a whole). They can afford to have lunatics there, but if an MP had said something so stupid, particularly in the run-up to an election, he would have been removed as a candidate in the next election as happened to Howard Flight in 2005.

Please see Michele Hanson in yesterday’s Guardian who refutes some of the lies advanced in the US media, such as that the NHS refuses treatment to elderly people. She mentions that she has had a thyroid condition for the last 30 years; I have as well, and trips to the hospital were a regular occurrence for me so that they could regulate my medication so that I would grow properly, physically and mentally. Had they not done that, I could have ended up a foot smaller and mentally impaired.

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