The price of integration

Jim Fitzpatrick condemned for ‘hijacking’ Muslim wedding by bridegroom - Telegraph

The details of this incident, in which a Labour government minister who represents the “safe” (not for long, insha Allah) east London seat of Poplar was invited to a Muslim wedding but walked out after discovering that men and women were to be separated and made a huge fuss about it, are getting more disgraceful by the day. Quite apart from the fact that Fitzpatrick represents a constituency with one of the biggest concentrations of Muslims in the country, and should have known that separating men from women is very common, it appears now that there was actually a section where non-Muslim couples could sit together, but rather than go and sit there, he just ran to his local paper and turned it into a political scandal. (HT: Julyabib.)

Of course, perhaps Fitzpatrick doesn’t live there but in some leafy suburban location, so perhaps doesn’t know anything about this; perhaps he got that seat because it’s a seat that’s safe enough for a minister so he didn’t have to know much about the people who live there. He also made accusations about influence by Islamic Forum Europe, which it turns out had nothing to do with it. It seems that Jim Fitzpatrick was invited as a matter of courtesy, but as with the Muslim school that let a camera crew sit in on lessons for a year and ended up with a documentary with a whole lot of talk about Hell, it blew up in their face. If that’s integration, you can understand why some Muslims aren’t too keen on it.

Also see Spirit21.

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