Greyhounds to run in southern England

American Greyhound buses to ply UK roads from Portsmouth to London | UK news | (also here)

This shouldn’t really be any surprise since the First group operates bus services around the UK and Greyhound is just another of its brands, but they don’t have the reputation for being fast in the USA but for being cheap and cheerful (or not so cheerful; they are also known as the preferred mode of transport for lone and recently-released prisoners). But if they really wanted to offer a scenic experience on the London to Portsmouth route, one wonders why they didn’t do it several years ago, as the most scenic bit of that route is just about to get taken away when the Hindhead tunnel is opened and the old road through the Devil’s Punch Bowl is closed. Such a shame as the A3 is how most people know that this feature exists.

I couldn’t help but notice how many black faces were in these adverts from the early 1980s, both as customers and as staff (and in one case, a lady telling us to go visit Mama; we have no excuse given Greyhound’s cheap fares). Is this perhaps because many black Americans couldn’t afford any other mode of transport then?

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