The pollution of argument: Zionists and HRW

Judge Goldstone and the pollution of argument | Comment is free | The Guardian

Antony Lerman in today’s Guardian on the ongoing smear campaign against human rights activists who criticise the state of Israel, particularly in regard to the Israeli army campaign against Gaza last winter. Among the people smeared has been Marc Garlasco, the military analyst at Human Rights Watch, who has a hobby of collecting military memorabilia from both sides in WW2, and most recently the South African judge Richard Goldstone, who is heading a UN Human Rights Council inquiry into the bombing of Gaza; Israel accuses him of anti-Israel bias even though he is Jewish and refused to accept his role unless its mandate was extended to include investigation of Palestinian groups as well as Israel.

(Garlasco has been suspended from his post pending an investigation, but HRW say he has never expressed pro-Nazi or anti-Semitic sentiments.)

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