Rubbishing the ‘Islamification’ myth

Mark Steel: So has anyone really been ‘Islamified’ against their will? - Mark Steel, Commentators - The Independent

Mark Steel tears into the ridiculous myths about the ‘Islamification of Europe’ peddled by some on the far right (HT: Julaybib):

The arguments of the far-right groups are already obviously ridiculous. The latest slogan they march under is “Stop the Islamification of England”. But how many people have had their lives Islamified against their will? Is there a single tea shop owner in Dorset who has to tell her customers: “Sorry dear, we’re not allowed to serve a scone until after dark as it’s Ramadan.” Do radio stations have to start the day: “Allaaaaah – ah-aaaah allaaaaaah. Good morning, this is BBC Radio Sussex calling you to prayer.”

He also goes into well-documented matters of the time when the BNP didn’t make any bones about being Nazis by another name, and the evidence of “their real mission, which isn’t just to campaign in elections but to build a force of street-fighters”, as expressed by Griffin in his notorious “boots and fists” interview from 1993.

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