Pizza Mia

Organica inspired me to post this picture of my own home-made pizza, which I eat on average twice a week. It might not meet everyone’s idea of home-made since I didn’t make the dough or the tomato topping, much less the mozzarella, myself, but it was me who put it together.

This time, it was a vegetarian one. (I sometimes add fish, usually tuna or anchovies.) Two medium-sized closed-cup mushrooms, 3 baby bell peppers (two orange and one red; it came in a bag of five and I used the other two last Saturday evening), and one clove of garlic. Plus half a jar of Sainsbury’s pizza topping, one ball of mozzarella and one pizza base; these came from Sainsbury’s as well, the bases coming in a foil packet of two. I prefer those because they are a little bit smaller than their fresh bases, and so you don’t have to spread the topping quite so thinly.

I put the tomato topping on the base, chop up my vegetables (I sometimes use olives and sometimes courgette/zucchini or even aubergine/eggplant rather than peppers, or sometimes as well as; you can get baby courgettes or you can get an ordinary one and cut about a third off it) and put the garlic and some of the vegetables on the topping. Then I get the ball of mozzarella, cut it into slices and then place them on top of the pizza so that it’s spread more or less evenly (you can also just tear the layers off it, as it’s very stringy). Then I arrange the remainder of the vegetables nicely on the top, and put it in the oven. Bake for 30 mins at 200C (gas mark 6).

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