Muslims and conspiracy theories

Hey Mozzie, Over Here…I’ve Got a Conspiracy to Sell You… « Oy, Habibti….

Sis. Sabiwabi on the popularity of conspiracy theories among Muslims, among them the perennial “Shadows” tapes (or series of tapes) and the more recent rumours about how the polio vaccine was part of a conspiracy to stop Muslims, or perhaps African people or whoever, from having children, which led to a resurgence of the disease. When I first became Muslim back in the 1990s, the “Shadows” nonsense was being sold and played over the loudspeaker in Islamic bookshops and even scholars would quote material from it at you (such as the business of hiding backtracked evil messages in pop songs by Madonna and the Eagles). If you didn’t believe it, you were brainwashed or perhaps even part of the conspiracy.

The same was true of the 9/11 conspiracy theories - I remember some guy (not a salafi/jihadi nut) telling me that it was “part of iman not to believe what the kuffar say about Muslims”, and we were supposed to believe nonsense about drone planes or whatever, anything to avoid believing that Muslims were in any way involved. Of course, the conspiracy theories were invented by non-Muslims, so why were they any more believable than the BBC? Not to say these theories no longer go around, but I’ve noticed that these days you can say that actually it was a group of Muslims who carried out the 9/11 attacks and you won’t be condemned as a dupe or a traitor in most places.

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