“Trick or treat” murderer back in jail

BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland | Foyle and West | Greysteel killer back behind bars

I’m not sure why this guy was let out at all. He was part of a gang that walked into a bar at Halloween 1993, shouted “trick or treat”, and then started firing, killing eight people. News reported at the time that a woman, when she saw a man with a machine gun shouting that, said to him “that’s not funny”, whereupon one of the murderers turned around and shot her in the face.

Surely a massacre of this sort has nothing to do with politics, even if they did come from the so-called Ulster Freedom Fighters; it is just plain murder. After receiving twelve life sentences, he was released under the Good Friday Agreement after serving just seven years; you would serve twelve for the least aggravated murder if you were not a member of an Irish republican or loyalist paramilitary group. The fact that this man, like another man convicted of involvement in the same massacre, has continued to behave violently demonstrates that letting these kinds of thugs out of jail, besides being plain unjust in itself, doesn’t deliver peace.

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