Stephen Fry might quit Twitter

It’s been reported that, after a bit of a tiff with a couple of his online followers, the comedian Stephen Fry is thinking of giving up on Twitter (more here). This all makes me think, “who cares?” — why would anyone want to keep up a running commentary on everything they do and condense it into just a few words each? It seems like the most pointless activity ever. Surely with an established writer and comedian like him, you want what he’s crafted, not to hang on his every word.

I do use Twitter, but mainly to announce blog posts over Facebook and to draw attention to interesting websites and videos. Even if I had the equipment, I couldn’t be bothered to Tweet my every thought. Then again, as the Guardian reported today, it was instrumental in opening up the debate on the Trafigura injunctions a couple of weeks ago, so it has its place.

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