Learning disability bullying claims victim’s mother

A mother has died in a fire while trying to save her son, after bullies set fire to their house by posting a lit firework through their door last night (5th Nov, Guy Fawkes night). The thugs had been bullying Raum Fox, aged 17, because he has learning disabilities:

Friend and care worker Kerry Ollerenshaw revealed that Raum was targetted by youths because he had learning difficulties.

Kerry, 36, said: ‘Her son had learning difficulties and the kids on this estate can be very harsh.

‘They hang around in groups, harassing and intimidating. Raum was a victim of that. I can’t believe someone would be callous enough to put a firework through a letter box.

‘People have been setting off fireworks near their home for days. There has been a gang letting off all sorts of bangers and rockets.

‘You could just sense something was going to happen.’

The young lad himself survived.

Besides the fact that we clearly have a huge problem in some places with feral yobs bullying the mentally impaired (and perhaps other disabled people as well as ethnic minorities) for fun, perhaps there should be some laws regulating how fireworks can be carried? We had back-garden fireworks when I was young, but there need to be strictly enforced laws on who can sell them and who can buy them, as well as where they can be carried, similar to our offensive weapons laws.

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