Vanuatu Prime Minister loses job

BBC News - Vanuatu PM loses parliamentary seat over blunder

All because he failed to send an explanation to the speaker of Parliament.

Back when I was the chair of council in my student union (or ‘Guild’) in Aberystwyth, I had to deal with constant inquoracy, because people weren’t interested in attending. We couldn’t force some members, such as hall chairs who were given positions because they were chairs of hall committees which were independent of the union. But Guild Executive members, and some who were elected to council at the General Meetings, had to attend or they were stripped of their positions after three unexplained absences.

Well, the heads of two affiliated units (i.e. organisations with their own constitutions but which were paid out of union funcs), one of whom was a paid officer, didn’t attend council three meetings running. I made a fuss, but the executive wasn’t willing to lose people from such important positions for not turning up for something as trivial as council, even though the constitution said in black and white that this is what happened if someone didn’t attend three meetings running.

Of course, this guy was out of the country for a Commonwealth summit, a perfectly valid reason. These guys at my union were just lazy. But clearly, losing your seat and your job after failing to attend three meetings of a democratic assembly was not unique to my student union.

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