Dumping the Droid

I’ve had my T-Mobile G2 (or HTC Hero, for anyone on any other network who might be offered one) since last Friday, and I’ve already had enough. There is a cooling-off period of seven working days, so I contacted T-Mobile and told them I wanted to send the handset back, and why. They told me the return packaging will be with me in three to five working days.

Why am I sending it back? Because it’s slow, it’s unresponsive, it’s unreliable, and it persistently hangs. The problem gets worse the more applications you use. The screen blanks when you make a call, so you can’t easily and quickly type numbers into any automated answering system (like TM’s own customer service line). The internet applications are also (like the rest of the system) slow and unresponsive, for example taking three slow actions to delete an email. And so on.

So, if you’re offered one, I advise against it. It sounds like an inexpensive, open-source answer to iPhone, but it’s not, at least on currently available technology (the Motorola Droid may be better, but I don’t have the patience to try another). It’s like having a slow, 10-year-old computer and having to make all your phone calls through it. I can’t be lumbered with that thing for another two years.

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