Mad Mel: ban Shari’ah to stop terrorism

MELANIE PHILLIPS: To our eternal shame, Britain is STILL a hub for Islamic terror | Mail Online

Melanie Phillips, in response to the attempted aeroplane bombing on Christmas day, writes another of her rants for the Daily Mail, claiming that it was all down to the fact that “Londonistan” has become a hub for Islamic extremists and radicals from all around the world and that “British universities have been turned into terrorism recruitment centres”, etc. (Also available at her website.)

Phillips has clearly forgotten basic facts about this incident.

First, Britain was a magnet for these extremists in the 1990s, not the past decade. I have said it more than once here before that they were a menace to the Muslim community, on at least one occasion taking over a mosque from the local Muslim community. Anyone who attended Regent’s Park up until 2001 will remember these dark-faced, prowling men of mostly Algerian, Egyptian and Palestinian origin. I even remember what came close to a fist fight in there caused by one of these men, and on one occasion (reported in Q-News in 1996 or 1997) they stormed a mosque wedding, calling the guests kaafirs and accusing them of drinking alcohol. I haven’t been back there in a while, but I’ve been told that they’ve gone, and that the mosque is all the better for it.

These people came in as part of the waves of refugees who were fleeing the civil war in Algeria in particular. Most of them were perfectly innocent. Whatever set dominates the Islamic society at Kingston University, the town itself is not known for this sort of trouble despite the high Algerian presence.

Second, the terrorist’s views were established long before he even came to the UK — his teachers at a British-run school in Togo claim they heard him support the 9/11 attacks, for example, at the time. He studied in the UK between 2005 and 2008. He has not been back since then, and was banned from returning because he appeared to be applying to study at a non-existent college.

So how does this constitute a British connection to the attack itself? He moved to Egypt after leaving the UK, and then to Dubai, and claims that he received training in Yemen. He was also involved with the group known as Boko Haram, which caused a lot of bloodshed in Nigeria in 2008 and 2009. He attempted to bomb a plane out of Amsterdam, not somewhere in the UK. He attended East London mosque, but so do thousands of local Muslims; it is the main mosque for that part of east London, and probably for numerous Muslims who work in the City of London. Whoever is left in London that could influence someone to become an extremist, the chances are that his “education” came from somewhere else, possibly the internet.

Her solution is to ban Shari’ah courts and Hizb-ut-Tahrir and to stop talking to the MCB:

So the Government should say that Muslims are welcome to live here on exactly the same basis as all other religious minorities - that they accept the principle of one law for all, and do nothing to threaten or undermine the prevailing culture.

That means an end to the increasing toleration of Islamic sharia law as the effective jurisdiction in Muslim areas, which so badly threatens in particular the safety and well-being of women, homosexuals and converts from the faith.

She knows full well that Muslim Shari’ah tribunals have no more power or authority than the Jewish Beth Din. They exist only to settle property disputes and religious marriage issues between those who consent to their arbitration and are not an “effective jurisdiction” anywhere in the UK as they have no power to administer criminal law, as they all seem to accept, so threatening the “safety” of anyone is out of the question. As for Hizb-ut-Tahrir, it is widely known that they have nothing to do with these bombings and that anyone who gets involved in them will become nothing worse than a religious-political bore unless they decide that HT are not radical enough. HT are not Sinn Fein to al-Qa’ida’s IRA; they and al-Qa’ida have two entirely different ideologies. You cannot get rid of al-Qa’ida by banning HT.

So, Phillips is advocating a clampdown on British Muslims so as to stop this — an attack on a plane that didn’t go from, or to, the UK by a man who wasn’t from the UK, had not been here for more than a year and was trained somewhere else; in short, an attack which probably had nothing to do with the UK — happening again. It is quite ridiculous, but Phillips can get away with it because her audience does not care whether or not she is telling the truth and her publishers can make money from it.

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