Thunderbird and Android updates

Thunderbird 3 has been out for a few weeks now, although I’d been using it on Linux since well back in the beta days. It was actually the standard version of the software on Fedora 11, which I was using on my “big computer” (the Dell I got a year ago) and it’s blazingly fast compared to the old one - if you delete a message, it’s just gone, just like that.

Only problem was, when I switched to Ubuntu on this machine, it downgraded me to version 2 again, and when I switched again, to openSUSE v11.2, I got upgraded back. And when that happened, Thunderbird 3 seemed broken - I couldn’t adjust the standard font because the entire preferences window appeared to be broken. It just came up as a blank window. I tried downloading the source code and compiling it myself, but the problem persisted.

I reported it as a bug to Mozilla, and it was eventually suggested that my profile was the problem. I just had to rename the folder containing my old profile, and start Thunderbird (or Shredder, the working title for version 3 which appears when you self-compile). And it worked fine. Clearly the yo-yo upgrading had corrupted my profile, so if anyone’s having problems, that’s the first thing you need to do.

Also, anyone who’s been following my tweets closely knows that I’ve kept my Android phone which I said I was going to send back last month. What the commenters recommended (basically installing Taskiller, which knocks off programs which hog the processor) did the trick, and I didn’t have to install a custom version of the operating system. Besides, I was too addicted to being able to read my friends’ tweets, moderate my blog comments (using the wp2Go app) and even read the odd website on the go.

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