Early 1990s Kilroy flashback

Does anyone remember what Robert Kilroy-Silk was like before he wrote that column in the Daily Express — AKA Daily Spew — saying that the West owes Muslims nothing, being as we are all limb-choppers and women-repressers etc., and then tried to make a name for himself by getting involved with UKIP?

A YouTuber who suffers from ME has published a recording of his chat show from the early 1990s, in which ME is discussed over 40 minutes with various medical professionals including a neurologist, a psychiatrist, Dr Anne Macintyre (who interviewed the Gilderdale family for a separate documentary in the early 1990s) and various ME sufferers and their relatives. Kilroy talks over them incessantly, in at least two cases jumping in on them before we could hear the point the speaker was trying to make, and generally raising the pitch until people are shouting over each other. And this is all about ME, a condition which makes people sensitive to noise among other things.

It was said of Hilary Lister, the quadriplegic lady who sailed solo round the coast of Britain and is liable to stop breathing from time to time as a result of the condition which causes her disability, that if she were to die suddenly, it is better that it happens when out on the waves than in front of daytime telly. This video shows how bad British daytime telly can be.

It’s in five parts: [Part 1], [Part 2], [Part 3], [Part 4], [Part 5].

Those women with cut-glass accents are a blast from the past as well. You don’t hear that much anymore. I thought I remembered the early 1990s well, but there’s a lot I’ve forgotten, it seems.

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