Rape by deceit is rape, but …

BBC News - Israeli Arab who 'raped' a woman says verdict 'racist'

How did this man manage to deceive an Israeli Jewish woman that he was Jewish?

Surely, as a native Arabic speaker, he would have an accent to match, even if he could speak good Hebrew (or English). The woman he slept with would have noticed, much as a native English speaker can usually tell someone who isn’t by a foreign accent. Maybe she was deaf, but that’s not mentioned in any of the news reports.

I’m not arguing that rape by deceit isn’t rape; it is, and even if the victim is prejudiced, that’s no excuse. But this case doesn’t make sense to me.

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12 Responses

  1. Robert says:

    Sorry Indigo Jo, but there are plenty of Arabs who speak with a perfect Israeli accent, just as there are Israeli Jews who speak perfect, unaccented Arabic (some of these end up spying - ever heard of Eli Cohen? He became Syria’s defense minister in the 60’s, for crying out loud!!!). So there’s no reason for this case not to make sense. And lest it be forgotten, the women felt violated mostly because she was seeking a potential marriage partner, whereas the rapist lied about being single and wanting a long-term relationship. And because he wanted to deceive her about his intentions, he also had to lie about his ethnicity and how he would want his children raised. This case is open and shut, but the rapist wants to escape punishment by claiming that the whole thing is about race. This is a blatant lie, and Israel’s Supreme Court morally ought to uphold the conviction. Political pressure to appease the Arabs (once again…) might nonetheless influence the Court, but I hope not. What’s so telling in this case is that if the Arab had not lied about his ethnicity, everyone would agree that he is guilty of rape by deceit for lying about his marital status and intentions - so why free him for lying about a third aspect???

  2. Jasmine says:

    I don’t think it’s rape… if you sleep with a stranger you are giving your consent to someone who could very easily be lying to you. Is a married man who says he’s single raping his mistress?

    It was bad of the guy, even perverted but I don’t think it can be called rape.

  3. Robert says:

    Jasmine, I think that all forms of statutory rape could in theory be given some other name to distinguish them from violent rape. However, I think the reason that such actions do constitute a type of rape is that when a person gives consent because of false information, it isn’t really consent anymore. For example, if a neighbor asked to borrow your car to do a big shopping, and instead used your car to rob a bank, that neighbor would be guilty of a kind of theft because they borrowed the car under false pretenses; you would not (I hope!) have agreed to lend the car out if you had been given the real purpose. On a practical level, if the neighbor got into an accident fleeing the scene, and you had temporarily added them to the insurance, you would correctly tell the insurance people that the car is covered by theft insurance, while the neighbor would be liable for anything not covered by the insurance. Could we call his act “not real theft”? Perhaps, but ultimately he acquired something under false pretenses, and that’s actually just as much a violation of your rights as taking by force. This may not be the strongest analogy, but I think it gets the point across.

  4. Whatever says:

    This girl was looking for a marriage partner, had extra-marital sex with an arab pretending to be a zionist jew and now her disgust with the arab makes her want to use her country’s blinkered vision of human rights to get revenge.

    Rape is Rape. But not when she realizes she doesnt like his hair colour or accent or indeed lineage as a goy!! But, one has to view this in context. The context here is “deception”. If such a law is to be applied in the west as well as in a retarded country like Israel then all men should be arrested and thrown into prison - how many young men make deceptive claims when courting young ladies in nightclubs every friday and saturday night? Are we going to use Israel’s retarded logic and throw them all in prison?
    Besides, if Israel is such a fair minded country then surely all Israelis should be locked up for “deception” as well as Genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza strip. No we must speak up when a deranged monster like Israel manipulates the law day in and day out - not to protect its citizens - but to reduce non-Jewish citizens to a sub class of humans. Has everybody forgotten the Israeli establishments support for that disgusting paedophile Polanski who raped a 13 year olf girl and then argued using all sorts of Israeli minded logic? Its all about race for these nazis in Israel and people are fed up about their blatant disregard for human life and human rights of non-Jews. Its time the UN stepped in and treated Israel like an illegal state that it really is so that we hear less about this kind of twisted inverted logic. No zionists will be responded to on this or any other thread.

  5. Belal says:

    I have to disagree about the accents, in a lot of areas where bilingualism is common between two cultural groups the accent is generally the same. People usually have different accents if they learn to speak in different places, and I’m guessing most Arabs in Israel learn hebrew in Israel. You can just look at the local Muslim community to understand this, many of them will speak another language but can speak English with a native accent.

  6. Shahid says:

    Women in this country sleep with men who don’t tell them they’re married all the time. Deception is not rape. Rape is an act of violence. This was a consensual encounter.

    This wasn’t rape, let’s not allow ourselves to get confused about that.

  7. Hamed says:

    Lying to a women to have sex with her is not rape. I miss those days when rape only meant sex that was violently forced. Not that I approve or do any of that, but still, it cheapens the gravity of actual rape. I am pretty sure a person who has been brutally raped would hate to be put in the same category as the person who was tricked into a consensual encounter.

  8. africana says:


    salam, but where would that leave claims of rape in,say, committed relationships?

  9. Robert says:


    I actually agree with the general sentiments that there is a quantuam leap of evil between violent rape and statutory rape. Having said that, I think people (especially men) have to be careful not to underestimate the sense of extreme violation that a woman feels when deceived into sexual relations. And let’s be clear that putting on airs or even lying about personal facts while flirting for a one-night stand or superficial relationship is totally different than lying to someone about marital status, marital goals, and what religion the children will be raised in. When the latter happens, there is no true consent, as I explained in my earlier posts. Want a new name for the crime? How about “violation of human dignity” and leave it at that. You could try con-artists for the same crime, and I suppose there are indeed such legal precedents.

    TO “WHATEVER”: Your post reveals someone who starts with irrational hatred of Jews and only then justifies their political and legal opinions about Israel. Since your beliefs are irrational, I don’t know if I can reason with you, but consider a couple of things.

    Re your accusation of genocide, the Palestinians have gone from 1.2 million in 1947 to some 11+ million today. If Israel is conducting a genocide as you claim, it is the least successful genocide in history, especially given that even countries like India have not even quadrupled in the same time period. (see e.g. http://geography.about.com/od/obtainpopulationdata/a/indiapopulation.htm)

    It’s ironic that you wrote about Israel’s supposed disdain for “goyim”, for I am writing from an Israeli hospital where there are Arab doctors and Arab patients, and they give/receive the same medical care as the Jewish doctors and patients. If you were here you’d go into shock from cognitive dissonance. Your desire to view Israel as a Nazi/Apartheid/Monster state can only be sustained by imbibing on lies and half-truths. Try reality for a change. I know that the reality isn’t always pretty, but for a country with real enemies that really seek its destruction, Israel is an amazingly open country with an excellent human rights profile.

  10. Irony of life today says:

    Looks like zionists cannot read….all they can do is invert the truth and allegedly harvest organs in their hospitals… Please read again - this is the last post to a zionist: “No zionists will be responded to on this or any other thread.”

  11. Whatever says:

    And again for clarity for any neo-nazi israeli zionists , this was NOT rape. This is an example of Israel trying to turn things upside down in their usual twisted perverted logic.