About that Donate button

Update: I have now received nearly £80 which exceeds the likely amount needed (with another promised), so jazakum Allah khair to everyone who donated. The donate button will remain, but the appeal is ended as of today (9th November).

Readers may have noticed that I’ve installed a “donate” button in one of the side bars on the right. Until recently I’ve been able to just about make this blog, and the other two sites on this domain, just about pay their way by advertising, but since 2008 revenues have dropped very sharply, often to around £5 or less per month. I still use Google ads, and I intend that they’ll be back on here once I’ve adjusted this new theme to accommodate them. As you may have read in my previous post, work has not been easy to come by, either.

The problem is, I don’t know right now how I’ll pay for the hosting bill in just under a month’s time, which usually comes in at about £60 ($90-100 US). I definitely do need to pay it as I also use the package for my email.

So, no pressure, but … I’ve put a PayPal donation box up (they accept the usual credit/debit cards) and any contribution would be gratefully received.

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