What’s up with Google?

Am I the only person noticing that Google’s web services are getting a bit flaky? Almost every day I notice that web searches fail (as in, fail to connect altogether), and I can’t connect for several minutes, and this happens at least once a day (and it doesn’t happen on any other sites, before anyone asks). The same often happens when accessing Blogger-based blogs, YouTube videos and, most recently, attempting to use GMail.

I haven’t seen anyone else complain about this, but it’s a relatively recent problem. I have also noticed that the Android Market has been misbehaving as well; new apps, in particular, won’t download even if they show up on the market. The other day I had to download two apps, including the updated Facebook, but I tried again and again and it never got past “Starting download”. One solution was to log in to Google Talk, so I tried that, and it worked. Once. A few days later, I needed to update my WordPress app, and that failed. I had also changed my GMail account from @googlemail.com (the UK domain used for legal reasons) to @gmail.com, and an answer to an online question suggested changing your address back, so I did. It still didn’t seem to work (it downloaded several hours later, but not on the first several tries after changing my email address back).

What’s up, and why does nobody complain?

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