Idiots insult troops and poppy

This image, by Willie Vass shows Celtic fans displaying a slogan insulting the poppy appeal and British troops over the centuries. While British troops have actually done a lot of bad things in Ireland, these are Scottish football fans, not Irish ones, and the spectacle of Scottish “neds” pretending they are Irish so they can fight each other, or for the purpose of exaggerating football team rivalries, is pathetic. (It’s not uncommon among football fans in Europe generally, though. There is a Jewish-identified football team in Amsterdam whose opposing fans shout “Hamas, Hamas, all Jews to the gas”.)

This isn’t the only insult to the poppy appeal to be made publically this week — a bunch of idiotic Muslims held a demo in London on Armistice Day (last Thursday) in which a giant poppy was burned and banners reading “British soldiers, burn in Hell” and “Afghanistan, graveyard of empires” were held up, and the two-minute silence was deliberately broken. Of course, this was the one that got media coverage even though it was the usual handful of idiots (no doubt known to those who shouted slogans as Roshonara Choudhary was sentenced last week, if they’re not the same people).

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