Kingston and Snow (2)

Earlier this year I posted an entry called Kingston and Snow, which made the particular point about the places that don’t get gritted when the roads do, namely the pavements of main roads which are often narrow, icy and sloped down into the road. This afternoon I walked from my home into the centre of Kingston and back, and walked most of it along the road, because the pavements were iced up. I’m not sure if the roads got gritted or if they just didn’t need it, but the main roads were ice-free as were the middle parts of the side roads. The snow is deeper (and thus easier to walk on) in some of the side roads and particularly on the grass verges, where there is no hard ice underneath. But that gives way to sloped driveways.

Kingston is right on the edge of the areas that got hit by snow the past couple of days — Sutton, Croydon and Bromley were badly hit and roads were gridlocked, with people having to abandon cars after spending hours on journeys of a few miles. There was less snow here, but the council does not seem to see the importance of keeping the pavements clear and safe. Walking on the main road is not all that safe, particularly at bends in the road and particularly after dark — I had a cyclist come very close to me this evening. The icy pavements are not that safe as it is, but are even less so for someone who is less sure on their feet, such as the elderly and some disabled people. It needs to be a priority every time there is snow and ice.

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