The cartoon Geert Hitlers couldn’t live with

Cartoon of man standing outside building signed 'Douche' (shower), with a group of Muslims lining upIslamophobia Watch - Documenting anti Muslim bigotry - Dutch broadcaster removes anti-Wilders cartoon after threats to staff

Geert Wilders was a supporter of the Dutch cartoonists who depicted the Prophet (sall’ Allahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) as a terrorist with a bomb in his turban, yet when someone posts an offensive cartoon about him and his party (based on their proposal for what they call “hooligan villages” although their general bigotry is well-documented), he demands that it be removed. Worse, one of his supporters threatens the staff of the broadcaster which posted it on his website. So much for law and order and freedom of speech. (The cartoon shows a man understood to be Wilders, holding a baton, showing a group of Muslims into a building marked “shower”; Nazi gas chambers were disguised as showers.)

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