Deen Intensive programme for 2011 announced

Picture of the Ulucamii mosque in Bursa, TurkeyI’ve been asked to publicise the upcoming Deen Intensive programme, which is to be held at Uludag near Bursa, Turkey, for three weeks starting 30th June. The focus will be on Imam Ghazaali, and will teach from his Ihyaa and some of his smaller books. Teachers include Sh. Abdullah bin Bayyah, Abdul-Hakim Murad (who translated several sections of Imam Ghazaali’s works) and Hamza Yusuf; the cost of the event itself is $3,200 (US), which covers tuition, room and board, travel within Turkey, but not travel to and from Turkey. (Financial aid is available.)

Full details at the Deen Intensive website.

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